How to Raise pH of RO Water

by Grace


We thought we were doing a good thing to RO filter our drinking water after the softener, but it turns out the pH is 6.3.

The well water before the softener tests fine but tastes terrible and cannot be used for the dishwasher (hardness 52ppm). After reading through many of your articles I have a rough understanding of what is going on here.

My question is: what is the simplest, most cost-effective way to raise the pH of the drinking water?

With a whole house softener and an under-sink RO filter, we don't want to go back to square one. Should we maybe just filter the well water before the softener with a simple carbon type filter? Or is it better to add minerals after RO? We have the wonderfully occurring natural minerals in the well.


Hi Grace,

It’s kind of hard to give you accurate options without knowing all the details of your situation, how your systems are set up and the type of water softener you have. Is it a salt-based water softener or is it salt-free?

You can get an idea of the difference between salt-free and salt-based water softeners on this page: Water Softener Reviews - Advantages and Disadvantages.

However, based on what you’ve told me, filtering the well water before the softener (regardless of what type it is) is not going to change the pH of your drinking water.

If you have the option of filtering your well water (with a good carbon-type filter) and then diverting that water to a faucet for your drinking water, that would be the healthiest drinking water option in my opinion. In other words, it would not go through the whole house water softener or RO unit at all.

If that is not possible, then you have 2 other options that I can see:

1. R.O. Remineraliation. See if the company you bought the RO under-sink filter from has a remineralization cartridge to install after the RO media. Many RO companies are doing this now to put the minerals back into the water.

2. Liquid Mineral Supplement. If your RO company does not provide the remineralization option, then I would get a liquid mineral supplement which you would have to add to your drinking water. Adding the liquid minerals to the water will usually increase the pH of your RO water somewhat, at least closer to 7.0 pH (which I am sure you know is neutral). But more importantly, you will be drinking clean water with minerals in it.

Note: It is not that we need the minerals in water for nutrition; it is more that mineral water will help to maintain the mineral balance in the body. You can read more on this topic on this page: Minerals from Food vs Minerals in Water

Below are a few good brands of liquid minerals on Amazon that I recommend. The fulvic ionic minerals are the best (i.e., most bioavailable). Initial cost is more than the others but they are also double the concentration so you use less. Thus, if you go this route, be sure to check the number of servings per product when making a buying decision.

I hope this helps somewhat!

Nancy Hearn, CNC
Hydration Specialist

Fulvic Ionic Minerals

Trace Minerals Liqumins ConcenTrace

Eidon Ionic Multiple Minerals

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