How long can lemon water sit on counter?

by Bill
(Riverview, Florida)

If I have a glass dispenser sitting on my counter filled with water and sliced lemons, how long can it sit for before I should not drink it anymore?

ANSWER: Honestly, we do not know for sure. Lemon has a slow oxidation rate, but we would not leave lemon water out for more than a few hours, just to be safe, especially in warm weather. Lemon juice will oxidize from air, light, and heat.

We are assuming your glass dispenser has a lid? If not, it would be a good idea to keep it covered from contaminants in the air.

We have written more information about the benefits of cut lemons and how to get the most benefits on this page: Benefits of Cut Lemons

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Dec 21, 2017
How long will lemon water last?
by: Anonymous

I made a pitcher of lemon water. Threw out the lemons the next day. Kept the lemon water. Drank some over the next three days. The taste never bothered me. But it's over a week now, I wonder if it is safe to drink? Internet instructions said not to drink a lot at once. Just a few sips maybe 6 times a day. I don't want to throw out my lemon water if I don't have to. THANK YOU.

What I really want to know is if the lemon water sits in the fridge, like my regular store-bought water does, will it be as safe to drink if I don't drink it up right away?

Apr 13, 2016
Unrefrigerated lemon water
by: Anonymous

I have a real issue when it comes to drinking water. My stomach doesn’t agree with cold water, and I don’t like the taste of room temperature water.

Therefore, I bought a pitcher size mason jar to make lemon water and I keep it on the counter. First time trying the water; I mixed 1 liter of water with one full lemon, sliced.

Monday morning, stored it on the counter using a long plastic ice cube to help keep the lemon from breaking down too fast. (I don’t know what plastic ice cube is called - but, it is long, has fluid inside, gets put into the freezer and is used to keep drinks cooled that are kept in a pitcher outside in the summer.)

I refilled the pitcher with water Tuesday evening and threw the lemon out Thursday morning. By Wednesday the water became a little bitter.

Second time trying the water, I thought in order not to experience the slight bitterness as the first time, I would remove most of the rind, it was very bitter within the first few hours. Threw the water out.

Third time, used only half a lemon and no plastic ice cubes, bitter within the next day.

Fourth time, 1 liter of water with one whole lemon, refilling the water each morning, along with switching out plastic ice cubes as they melt with refrozen ones. It lasts on the counter for up to 4 days, not as cold as refrigerated but not fully room temperature either.

My taste buds and stomach are in agreement and now I drink up to 3 glasses of water a day.

Compared to never having any water throughout the day, I would say this is a great improvement. I don’t think I’II make it to 4 glasses, but there is hope.

Thank you to all the lobbies that have started this fad, because now I drink water.

I think all work places should have this and schools should especially introduce this and have it available.

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