Hate Ozonated Spring Water

by Ivy 123
(Raleigh, Nc. USA)

We use spring water for drinking and tea and coffee prep.

On a regular basis, I drink Deer Park Spring Water - it is clean tasting, no smell, no aftertaste.

We use Kroger's Brand and Harris Teeter Brand Spring Water for everyday cooking and pet water in their dishes..

3 weeks ago, I noticed a definite chemical smell and awful taste to these waters. SO!!!!! I read labels from both supermarkets' spring Waters.

There I read -- processed by ozonation on both brands. We will stop using both.

What is their reasoning using ozonation with spring water???

I was horrified - yes, I have a great sense of smell and taste but this is not fair play or advertising. This is a scary practice.!!!!!!!!

Thus far, Deer Park is fine - soooo much more expensive but better quality and taste.

Is the government allowing this "ozonation"?

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Is Deer Park Natural Spring Water ozonated?
by: Anonymous

Deer Park Water is ozonated before bottling and part of the family of Nestle waters.

Sorry for your experience
by: David M.

I'm so sorry you've had a terrible experience with your waters. That's horrible. To answer your question, the government does regulate the bottled water industry through the FDA. One person oversees the industry on a part time basis. Look up a video call Tapped. It'll give you some eye opening info about the bottled water industry. If you'd like, I have some info about a water my family and I have been drinking for six years now. We NEVER buy bottled water for drinking or anything. Hope this helps.

by: Anonymous

Deer park bottles that claim sources in PA, find something else because it's too acidic. Their Maryland source is okay apparently but they often mix their water so I would just avoid it altogether..

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