Grey Celtic Salt - Great Taste, Lower Blood Pressure

by Kathy

I've been using moist grey Celtic salt for years. I love the taste, finding it much more palatable than any other salt.

I buy it in bulk at my natural food store (~$5.99/lb) and actually enjoy grinding it with my favorite mortar and pestle.

Several months ago I switched to a fine-ground Himalayan salt, which is certainly easier to use. I didn't like the taste as much when I first switched, but over time I got used to it.

However, after a while I had my blood pressure tested and it was much higher than usual. While I still use the Himalayan from time to time because it works so well in a salt shaker, I've now switched back to my grey Celtic for almost all uses.

My blood pressure seems to be back to its low-end normal range and I still like the taste better!

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