Good and Bad Depending

by Florencio Mendiola Jr.
(San Antonio, Texas)

I would be concerned about the danger of BREATHING the O3 generated by ozonator gizmo. Ozone, a potent oxidant, is very caustic and inflammatory to human respiratory tissues from nose to lung. Odor-Free ozonators are available.

The complete science is yet not known. Like everything else, there is always some degree of risk involved drinking ozonated water.

How long does ozone remain in the water after pouring into a glass bottle? It depends on the ozonator, but ozone has been tested to stay in water for somewhere between 10 and 20 minutes.

Pool ozonators and spa were a big trend a few years ago but the trend soon died. The underlying truth is that ozonators actually produce very little ozone. Ozone has a very short half life. It cannot be stored, only used soon after it is produced.

I rather drink Alkaline water. The human body has the ability to bound from Acidic to alkalinity and from alkalinity to acidic. Normal function. Why?

Some nutrients require acid while some nutrient require alkalinity otherwise your body will not absorb the nutrients. Why? Some nutrients are water soluble and some are fat soluble.

Best way to stay healthy, eat any organic diet, exercise daily, take a good health supplement, get plenty of profound sleep, manage stress and wish for the best. You don't need anything else!

In the end, no matter what you do, We're all going to die! Just a matter of time, how, where and when. So, enjoy your life while you can! All water on earth has some type of contamination! You can believe that!


Thank you, Florencio. I agree with your comments!

Nancy Hearn

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