Frozen Fresh-Squeezed Lemon Juice

by Denise

We have a neighbor that brings us TONS of fresh lemons each year.

We usually squeeze all of them (what doesn't end up in pies) & freeze it in ice cube trays.

After they are frozen, we pop them out & store them in gallon baggies to use all through the year.

My question...does this frozen method have the same benefits since it is actually real lemon juice?

ANSWER: You are very lucky to get those fresh lemons!

In general, fresh, frozen fruits and vegetables are the next best thing to fresh, whole produce.

Fresh frozen will preserve most of the nutrients in the lemons, such as citric acid, potassium, calcium, phosphorous and magnesium.

However, some of the most beneficial components of any type of fresh produce are the live enzymes and bio-photons (measurable sun light energy) that are contained in the fruits and vegetables.

It would take a food scientist to evaluate lemon juice before and after freezing to actually determine how much of its enzymatic properties are lost in the process. I have not come across that research yet.

However, we do know that for all fruits and vegetables, some enzymes will be lost when they are cut open, exposed to air, and then frozen.

In addition, one of the key benefits of lemons for digestion and elimination is its unique atomic structure, which closely resembles hydrochloric acid in the body. I am not sure if freezing lemons changes that structure or not.

So I believe you will not experience all of the benefits of fresh squeezed lemon juice, but you will certainly get some of the benefits.

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Frozen Lemon Juice Tastes Better

by Anonymous

You answered a question about bottled lemon juice, what about the frozen lemon juice that says on the bottle that it is pure lemon juice. It does taste different.

I have used the bottled juice to make my lemonade, but the frozen lemon juice makes a much better-tasting lemonade. Any comments?

ANSWER: I am not sure if you are asking if I agree with you regarding the taste or if you are asking if the frozen lemon juice is going to be healthier than the bottled lemon juice.

So, I will address the taste issue first, which is a somewhat subjective issue. What tastes better to one person may not taste better to another.

We also know, of course, that better tasting food does not necessarily mean it has more health benefits than food that does not appeal as much to our taste buds.

However, I am assuming you mean the store-bought frozen juice tastes more like fresh-squeezed lemon juice than the bottled lemon juice does . . .

If so, I would tend to agree with you, and this goes for all produce actually. If I cannot find fresh produce in season and I want a specific vegetable or fruit, for example, then I will look for fresh frozen.

However, whether the frozen bottled lemon juice has more health benefits than bottled lemon juice depends on the source of the juice (whether it is fresh frozen, organic or commercial, and whether or not it is from a concentrate), how it is processed, and whether sugar and/or other chemical preservatives are added.

In my opinion, the most significant health benefits of drinking lemon water comes from fresh lemons.

So regardless of whether the lemon juice is bottled or frozen bottled, I don’t believe you will get nearly the same benefits as from squeezing the juice of fresh lemons into clean, filtered water.

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