Fat Loss by Drinking Water
by Nancy Hearn

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Is it really possible to experience fat loss by drinking water?

The answer is simple: when the body is dehydrated, it simply cannot let go of fat.

Even mild or moderate levels of dehydration can prevent fat loss.

Thus, drinking enough water daily should be the absolute prerequisite in any healthy weight loss program designed to lose fat.

When dehydrated, the body is essentially in a state of crisis.

In fact, the only way that the body can metabolize fat is if it feels safe to do so.

Dehydration Can Increase Fat Deposits

On the other side of this issue, lack of water in the body can contribute to an increase in fat deposits for a few key reasons:

  1. Toxin Are Stored in Fat Cells. When dehydrated, the body cannot effectively remove toxic wastes from the body. The toxins have to go somewhere, so the body stores them safely in fat cells to keep the critical organs safe from their damaging effects.
  2. Fat Cells Expand. Even though the number of fat cells in the body appears to be fairly consistent, the fat cells themselves can expand - a convenient way for the body to continue to use fat tissue as storage units.

A simple and cost-free way to assess how much of your body is composed of fat is to determine your Body Mass Index (BMI).

The Liver Metabolizes Fat

In addition to the way dehydration can increase fat deposits, it can also impair the function of the kidneys.

When the kidneys don’t get enough water to do their job, they have to rely on the liver to help remove wastes.

Since the liver is responsible for metabolizing fats, this job gets put on the back burner while the liver is working overtime to help the kidneys. I am sure you can see the domino effect here.

The bottom line is that dehydration requires fats to be stored in the body rather than metabolizing them because removing wastes and toxins is top priority.

Our body is ingenious at keeping us alive. Thus, it does everything in its power to protect us from the damaging effects of excess exposure to toxic wastes and damaging chemicals that most Americans are exposed to on a daily basis.

2 Key Ways to Achieve Fat Loss with Water

Thus, in summary, keeping the body fully hydrated is the basis of any weight loss program.

Drinking water will help to decrease fat storage in a number of ways. The two most notable ways include the following:

  1. Toxin Removal. Keeping the body completely hydrated so that it can easily and effectively remove toxins that would otherwise be stored in fat cells.
  2. Optimal Kidney and Liver Function. Drinking enough water daily enables the kidneys to do their job of detoxification more efficiently. When the kidneys are working properly, the liver is free to do one of its key jobs, which is the burning of fat for energy.

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