Effects of lemon on acidity

Is there any adverse effects of lemon on excessive acid reflux and calcium level?


Is there any adverse effects of lemon on excessive acid reflux and calcium level?

I believe I already answered the acid reflux portion of this question on this page:
Lemon Water and Acid Reflux

As for the excess calcium, drinking lemon water could potentially help because it improves digestion and nutrient absorption. However, it depends on what is causing the excess calcium. There are many potential reasons for this.

Often it is due a mineral imbalance. Have you been drinking ro water or distilled water? If so, you might switch to mineral water or get a good quality water filter for your home tap.

Also, you have to have to be getting adequate vitamin D and vitamin K in the body to get calcium to where it needs to go, the bones, teeth, etc.

In general, I don't recommend taking calcium supplements unless it is a whole food calcium along with vitamin D3 and K2. Magnesium is also very important. A few good brands that have whole food calcium, magnesium, D3 and K2 in one supplement include Nature's Way Alive Calcium and Garden of Life Vitamin Code Raw Calcium.

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