Ecoli Test Result

by Rajee

I have test the Drinking water sample in the Water testing Laboratory for Ecoli. The result says that Ecoli value is 22. What it means? and What the problems due to this? and what is the treatment to reduce the Ecoli in the Water.


Rajee, any E-coli levels above the value of 1 is considered unsafe to drink. Thus, right now you should boil your water before drinking.

You should contact your local water supplier to find out the best way to treat your water. I don't know if you get municipal water or well water. Typical treatment is with shock chlorination.

Even if treated, however, there is a good chance it will happen again. Thus, I highly recommend you consider investing in a home water filter system.

The best portable systems for disinfection and filtration are the Berkey water purifiers.

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Mar 19, 2017
e-coli in the water
by: Petr from San Francisco

Just curious! Why did you get test done for e-coli in your water in the first place?
E-coli is a typical fecal contamination that could show up anywhere if a proper hygiene is not maintained.

In your case it should raise for sure concerns whether the water is safe to drink and have proper sanitation means in place to eliminate it. While you doing this, I would try to pin point the source of it.

If my memory is correct, the e-coli bacteria under this generic name comes in different varieties. Knowing the specific type could give you another clue where is the contamination coming from. Of course the determination of which one is it must be done by a laboratory.
You should ask questions like: is there nearby an animal farm, a septic tank or an outhouse and was it raining so the fecal matters could escape from there and contaminate your water source if you have a well?

If you get the water from a municipal source, your underground pipe might be leaking and the contamination could get there from the same source. Again the source is the fecal matter, so you have to get some detective work done regardless! Good luck!

Petr from San Francisco

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