Drinking Water from Air
Atmospheric Purification Systems
By Merlin Hearn

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I would have never thought it was possible to make good drinking water from air, even in dry, arid regions. But it is possible.

With the shortages of fresh water and the rising cost to get a clean glass of water, innovators have tapped a hidden reservoir of water that is hovering just above us. 

Technology has reached a point where we no longer have to drink water exclusively from an already impure sourcethe ground.  

At the time of this writing, 2012, atmospheric purification systems have been developed that enable us to get drinking water from air. 

Atmospheric Purification Systems

Systems like the DH9, developed by DewPointe, can make around 2.5 gallons of water in a climate of around 30 percent humidity, which is a dry arid climate, and can triple that in a humid atmosphere. 

Market research has shown that the average family consumes around 6.5 quarts, so this water system would be a reliable source of water for a family.

Eole Water claims to have successfully modified the traditional wind turbine and created the WMS1000, an appliance that produces drinking water from air humidity.

According to Thibault Janin, director of marketing at Eole Water, "This technology could enable rural areas to become self-sufficient in terms of water supply."


Earth’s atmosphere contains plenty of moisture to make water with, even in the driest of deserts. In fact, if we were to squeeze all the moisture out of the world’s air, the amount would equal the size of Lake Superior, or 3,095 cubic miles. 

This reservoir is also self-replenishing and we would not need to worry about exhausting the supply, damaging the environment or ecosystem. 

Most of the systems offered also have unique ways of purifying the water that is collected, eliminating 99.99 percent of the contaminants. 

The potential benefits of these systems in a dry area such as Africa, where locals have to walk miles for a bucket of fresh water, are significant, to say the least. 


One of the concerns of this new system is the cost. 

Right now these machines are pretty pricey, averaging around $1,500, but that cost is sure to drop as more competitors enter into the business and find ways to streamline the system. 

Another concern is the electrical usage that the DH9 systems consume. For consumers trying to go green, this machine might seem a little extravagant. 

The average home water system consumes electricity at a rate of 300-500 watts. This number is likely to drop in the near future, however.


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