Drinking water early morning on empty stomach

by Praveen Kumar Amar Disaster Management Consultant
(New Delhi India)

Drinking water (liquids) early morning waking at odd hours (people working in shifts) on empty stomach - the related side effects & remediation.

Consumption of milk & milk products after 6.00 pm - 6.30 pm / within about 4 to 6 hours of sleeping (people working in shifts) also has a considerable bearing on the conditions stated herein, for all, over 3 years of age including nursing mothers, pregnant women & sick people.

For unrelated uneasiness and one or more acquired signs and/or symptoms viz. acidity; backache; pain or discomfort in the chest; stomachache; bloating sensation; constipation, piles; irritation in the abdomen (gastritis); headache either in forehead, full or a part of head; swelling under the eye; joint pains – small or large; pain in shoulder; pain in neck; swelling in either/ or face, arm, shoulder, wrist, leg, ankle or foot; swollen finger accompanied with or without pain; popping of eye(s); pain in legs or shins – cramps; lethargy, fatigue, weakness; confused feelings; obesity; muscular wasting; asymmetrical body parts etc.

Eating of suitable two biscuits made with basic ingredients only viz. marie, glucose, baked wheat etc. tends to resolve the side effects, when taken early morning on empty stomach. This, 15-20 minutes later, can be followed by usual consumption/ intake of liquids viz. drinking water, the tea, coffee, milk, fruit juices, and carbonated drinks, sharbat, concentrate - kaada etc.

People taking medical interventions in the early morning on empty stomach must try to restrict accompanying water intake to 1 teaspoon. Maintain an interval of 30 minutes between the intake of the said biscuits and further 15-20 minutes later can be followed by usual consumption.

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Nov 26, 2014
Best drinking water
by: Nancy

I agree with Petr's comments. It is important for each person to find the best drinking water for himself or herself. If interested, you can read my recommendations for "best drinking water" here.

Nancy Hearn, CNC

Nov 24, 2014
Comment on drinking water in the morning
by: Petr from San Francisco

Hi Pravee,

I want to write a comment to your note. However, I am not sure if I am getting exactly what you were trying to say. Regardless, my comment would be strictly to drinking water in the morning on an empty stomach.

It is my understanding that during night the body looses quite a bit of water mainly by evaporation. Keep in mind that most people are chronically dehydrated in the first place.

It is a good practice/habit to drink one or two glasses of a good water just to replenish the water inventory right in the morning before breakfast.

I am also sure that you would get more energy by drinking the good water instead of the coffee in the morning. Coffee dehydrates and makes the body more acidic on top of it. Therefore one or two glasses of a good water makes a better start of a day.

If a person is experiencing a discomfort or other problem as a result of drinking water in the morning on an empty stomach, I can see right away two things to check.

First, is there any medical issue that would be responsible for it?

Second, what kind of water you have in the glass?

If there is a medical issue causing a discomfort, I would talk to my doctor and try to understand what is causing it. As far as the water is concern, ideally I would like to reach for fresh "Kangen" water dispensed from the Enagic machine.

This water would give you an energy boost indeed. It is alkaline, electron rich, micro-clustered and therefore provides an excellent hydration on a molecular level.

If you do not have one of the Enagic water ionizer that makes the Kangen water for you, make sure that your water is a water that comes from a verified source and it is checked time to time to be free of harmful contaminants. A good filter is also an option to treat the water before drinking it on a regular basis.

Good luck!

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