Drinking Distilled Water with Natural Salt

by Michael
(Roper, NC USA)


What would your recipe be for making healthy drinking water from distilled water with the addition of Himalayan sea salt? Also would this need to be refrigerated? Also please take into consideration that I easily consume over 32 ounces per day.


I recommend adding one-four tsp of Himalayan crystal salt or Celtic sea salt to each quart of distilled water to put the trace minerals back in the water that the distiller removes from your source water along with unhealthy contaminants.

I agree that Himalayan salt is excellent! I think Himalayan and Celtic sea salt are the two best natural salts on the market—and our bodies need natural, unprocessed salt for electrolyte balance and proper hydration.

I think many people forget (or simply don’t know) that all of our cells are like little bags of salt water. The balance of salt water inside and outside the cells is essential for optimal health.

As long as you drink the quart of distilled water with added natural salt within 12 hours or so, it should not have to be refrigerated. In fact, in general it is best to drink water at room temperature, rather than ice cold.

As far as how much water you drink, I highly recommend you read Drinking Enough Water Daily and/or Drinking Enough Water Facts. If you are only drinking 32 ounces a day, most likely you are not drinking enough water to stay fully hydrated.

I think you would see considerable health changes if you drink half your body weight in ounces of water, at least until you re-hydrate your body, which can take several months if you are like most people who are chronically dehydrated.

To be honest, I am not a big fan of drinking distilled water, except for short-term cleansing. But if I were to drink distilled water on a regular basis, I would also take a liquid ionic mineral supplement (in addition to the natural salt), such as Liquid Multi Vita-Mineral or Liqumins Cal/Mag/Zinc Liquid Supplement, in order to replenish more calcium and magnesium.

Learn more about the amazing health benefits of Himalayan crystal salt and Celtic sea salt.

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