Does lemon water with artificial sweetener have the same effect as without?

by Terry
(George West, Tx. USA)


Does lemon water with artificial sweetener have the same health benefits as not adding artificial sweetener?


I honestly don’t know if an artificial sweetener (such as Splenda, sucralose, aspartame or saccharin) would change any of the nutritional and enzymatic properties of lemon water or not.

However, because artificial sweeteners have so many known negative health implications, I would say that if the only way you can drink lemon water is with an artificial sweetener, then you would probably be better off not drinking lemon water at all.

If you need to add a sweetener to lemon water (because of the bitter taste) and do not want to use sugar (which I also do not recommend), then try stevia, which is a natural sweetener that actually has some health benefits and is also ok for people with blood sugar issues, high or low.

If you do not like stevia, then I would recommend adding a small amount of honey or agave sweetener.

Both honey and agave have nutritional and enzymatic benefits (unlike sugar and artificial sweeteners); however, they still convert to sugar in the body and thus are not recommended for diabetics.

Artificial sweeteners are toxic to the body, they significantly impair body metabolism, and they actually cause weight gain.

You can find many clinical studies online from reputable sites and articles that confirm this statement if you want to know more.

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