Does lemon water destroy libido?

by John Bull
(Lagos, Nigeria)

I drink lots of bitter lemon and was told it might be linked to my increasing lack of interest in sex. Please help answer the question.


The short answer is that drinking lemon in water should not have any effect on your libido or sex life.

However, I am not sure what you mean by “lots of bitter lemon.” Anything done in excess can cause disturbances in the body system.

As you may know, I recommend drinking one-fourth to one-half fresh lemon squeezed into 8 to 12 ounces of water once or twice a day. This amount provides the full benefits of lemon water daily.

If you are taking more lemon juice in water than the recommended amount, the lemon water can cause detoxification symptoms in some people, and may even add stress to the body. Stress does affect hormones.

The other thing to keep in mind is that our thoughts and beliefs are very powerful. If someone tells us something about our health and we believe it might be true (even though it is not a physical reality), it is highly likely that our body will manifest that belief.

I know it sounds hard to believe, but science has proven this to be true. You can read more about how Thoughts Affect Your Health here.

I have done some additional research to see if I can find anything that indicates that lemon water might affect libido. Everywhere I have looked, experts seem to agree that, if anything, lemon water is good for overall health, and in particular should increase blood circulation to the genitals.

Dr. C. Solanki at writes, “Lemon is sometimes a natural remedy for inflammation. It is used as a part of treatment in many conditions. It acts as an antioxidant being citric acid. So it is not going to cause any effect on sex.”

According to Cory Couillard at, citrus fruits (including lemons) are one of the top 5 sex super foods. He writes:

“Citrus fruits such as grapefruits, oranges and added lemon to your water can boost your confidence and performance in bed. According to several studies vitamin C has been found to improve overall sperm health men and decrease the risk of infertility in both sexes.

“Citrus fruits provide a boost of antioxidants and glucose for improved focus, enhanced mood and decreased impact of stress hormones that can kill an erection and the moment.”


In summary, moderate amounts of lemon water should have no impact on your libido. Thus, I would try drinking the recommended amount of lemon water once a day, and make sure you are getting some physical activity, such as a 15 minute daily walk.

If you still do not notice any improvement or if you still have lingering beliefs that lemon water might be affecting your libido, the best thing to do is to stop drinking it for a few weeks and see if you notice any difference.

You never know. . . every person’s metabolism works differently. Lemon water may be affecting your libido, but it is highly unlikely. Hope this helps.

- Nancy Hearn, CNC


Dr. C. Solanki; Can drinking lemon with hot water affect sex life?

Cory Couillard; 5 Sex Super Foods

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