Does Lemon Water Cause Flu?

by Aaron

Does lemon water cause flu..?

WBH response: I am sure you probably know that viruses cause flu symptoms.

If you are asking if drinking lemon water will create an environment in the body in which you are more likely to get flu, the answer is no.

Flu viruses, as well as bacteria and parasites, thrive in an overly acidic environment in the body. Lemon water, even though it is citric acid, is actually alkalizing in the body.

Whether a food or beverage is acidic or alkalizing in your body depends on how it is metabolized and whether it leaves an acidic by-product or alkaline ash.

Viruses are much less likely to exist when your bodily fluids are alkaline.

An overly acidic body is caused primarily by high levels of stress, eating animal products, starchy foods, sodas and sport drinks, all forms of sugar, and processed foods.

You can find many different acid-alkaline food charts online. Here is one example . . .

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