Day 40 of drinking ozone every morning.

by Wes

I'm a 38 year old male. First and for most, from day one I had increased energy.
I have currently lost about 10lbs.

And another thing I have noticed... Sorry if it's gross- I kinda used to have a stinky butt. I could smell it a little when I sat on the toilet. However, I have noticed no odor lately. Yes poop still stinks. :)

Ozone kills fungus that live in all of us. I guess they are dead now. I read ozone enemas can help too. I have not done that yet but am interested in trying it.

I have been using ozone olive oil for years! And that stuff is amazing!! Bug bites- gone! Even fire ants! I got bit 3 x on the foot one time. I immediately put the oil on it. It itched for about 5 mins. The bites came to a head in an hour. No itching At all!

Same with minor burns- if you put it on immediately after a burn, it will never blister. It will just go away.

I have been using it on my face twice a day for 30 mins. My skin looks 10-15 yrs younger.

Recently I have been rubbing it on my knees for pain. It is helping a lot!

Those are my experiences. Hope they help.

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