by Lizmar Garde

Any contraindication with himalayan salt in water with calcium supplement, vit D @ Levaxin?
Is it safe to drink water with himalayan salt with blood related problem, with heart problem @ with medicine maintenance for high blood pressure, cholesterol @ blood for thinning. Thank :)


I am sorry, but I cannot advise anyone regarding medications and health conditions since I am not a medical doctor.

Even though Himalayan salt is nothing like processed salt, it is still salt. Anyone who is on a salt-restricted diet should follow the same guidelines.

However, I will also say that everyone needs a certain amount of sodium in the body for optimal mineral balance and hydration.

Any time we consume any type of processed food, fast food, or restaurant food, we are often consuming an excess of refined white salt (the unhealthy type). And that is where the cumulative problems with salt usually begin.

In general, most processed foods contain a high amount of sodium and fat (the "taste'good" ingredients).

However, if a person eats primarily whole, fresh foods and little or no processed food, restaurant food, or fast food, the best choice for sodium intake (as well as 80 plus other trace minerals) is to consume a small amount of unrefined, natural salt such as Himalayan or Celtic salt.

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