Confused about ozonated water and metal taste

I am confused about drinking ozonated water.

I've been drinking it for a few days. It tastes like pure metal to me and my stomach or intestines doesn't seem to like it either because it burns on my left side after drinking it.

I have taken a mineral supplement for the past year, which is supposed to increase oxygenation within the body and my doctor was happy with the oxygen reading within my body during my yearly visit.

So I'm wondering if I've gotten too many minerals or oxygen and I'll need to stop the mineral supplement to make the water taste ok or drink the other types of filtered water?

Right now, I'm starting on another type of water. It will probably take awhile for the minerals or oxygen to leave my body.

I'm thinking that years ago I drank some ozonated water and didn't really notice a difference between tastes between it and my regular water, so this is why I think the mineral supplement has something to do with it. And because the supplement was advertised as helping with oxygenation.

I'm quitting both for awhile to get the taste from my mouth. I'm not seeing anyone else complain with this. So trial and error is all that I can see to try.


I don't know why you are experiencing the metal taste, but I know other site visitors have also commented on the unusual taste, often saying it is bitter.

Thus, it may not have anything to do with the mineral supplement you are taking, unless you are taking the supplement at the same time as the ozonated water.

If so, I would recommend not taking any supplement with ozonated water because of the water's oxidizing properties.

I understand your confusion about drinking ozonated water and have had my own reservations about it, even though I know many people believe in its health benefits. As the author of this site, I have done my own research and have read all the visitor comments.

My conclusion about ozonated water is the same as when I started researching this topic.

I believe ozonated water is beneficial for certain conditions that require the benefits of an oxidizing agent. I also believe it is relatively safe to drink in moderation, but not advisable for long-term, daily use.

Since ozonated water is oxidizing and acidifying in the body, I believe it should only be used periodically as needed for body cleansing and/or to support the body's immune system in disease recovery, especially when dealing with various types of bacterial, viral or fungal infection as well as cancer.

In general, I believe that drinking water that is free of contaminants yet contains naturally occurring minerals and has an alkaline pH (7.0 to 9.0 pH) is the healthiest water to drink on a daily basis and will support the body's natural rejuvenation processes.

I consider the use of ozonated water more medicinal. In other words, I would use it for a few days or maybe a few weeks for a specific purpose and then stop.

Drinking filtered water and eating foods that promote alkalinity and provide antioxidant potency as well as the full spectrum of nutrients makes more sense to me.

Nancy Hearn

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