Cautions and Recommendations about Ozone Water

by D.J.
(San Diego, CA, U.S.A)

Just a few points of caution about drinking ozone water that I’ve learned the past few years:

1. The water used to make ozonated water should be filtered, not R.O., distilled, or tap water.

2. Drink ozonated water within 10 minutes, since ozone will lose its strength and effectiveness after that.

3. The container that the ozone will be bubbled into must be made of glass. Ozone will cause plastic to be dissolved into the water.

4. Take zinc, selenium, and vitamin E supplements when drinking ozonated water in order to support the detoxification process.

5. Always use an ozone generator in a well ventilated area. You should not breathe in ozone, since it can damage lung tissue.

6. Since ozonated water can significantly accelerate detoxification, some people experience cleansing symptoms, such as nausea, headaches, and stomach or bowel disturbances.

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Ozone Water Warning

Ozonated distilled water irritates nasal membranes when used as a nasal rinse.

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