Can lemon water be substituted with lime water

by Mahmūd Sylla
(Accra, Ghana)

Is that 2 ounces of lemon?

Is that 2 ounces of lemon?

It is quite difficult to find fresh lemons here in town, so I ask can lime water also give the health benefits of lemon water?

Is it advisable to take lime in tea?

And is half of this lemon (picture) equals 1 ounce and the full being 2 ounces?

Nancy's Response:

Mahmūd, yes, you can substitute lime water for lemon water and get similar benefits.

I have compared the similarities and differences of lemons vs limes on this page: Benefits of Lemons and Limes

I believe it is beneficial to add lime juice to tea once or twice a day. A small amount goes a long way. No need to overdo it.

The ounces of lemon juice you get from each lemon depends a lot on the size of the lemon and how juicy they are. There is no way to tell for sure without measuring it.

In general, larger lemons will produce about 2 ounces of lemon juice.

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