Can lemon juice cause arthritis?

by Karen
(Johannesburg South Africa)


My mother has been drinking lemon juice in water for years with excellent results for almost everything.

Then a 'friend' comments to her one day that by drinking lemon in water too often is going to cause an arthritic condition or something to that effect.

Now she has stopped drinking it altogether. I need someone to respond by saying this is not true - in fact it is the total opposite, please!!!!


You are absolutely right, Karen! Drinking fresh-squeezed lemon juice in water can help to alkalize the body and will provide innumerable health benefits to your mother if she continues to drink it regularly.

Arthritis, like so many other diseases, is a condition associated with a high degree of acidity in the body.

In fact, in some cases the type of acid that causes joint pain is uric acid. If you look at uric acid under a microscope, it looks like tiny shards of glass. When uric acid crystallizes, it causes pain and inflammation.

The best way to start to reduce the amount of acidity in the body is by drinking enough mineral rich water each day to fully hydrate the body, eat more alkalizing foods and beverages (such as lemon water), and effectively manage stressful thoughts and feelings, which are highly acid-promoting in the body.

Does Lemon Juice Contribute to Acids in the Body?

Unfortunately, most people, like your mother’s friend, think that if a food is acid, then it is acidifying in the body. But this is not true. A lemon, for example, contains citric acid, but when it is metabolized by the body, it leaves an alkaline residue.

Lemons are one of the most alkalizing foods and drinking lemon juice will help the body eliminate the accumulation of acid in the body, which almost always contributes to the onset of arthritis as well as many other health issues, including heart disease, diabetes, and cancer.

Who Should Drink Lemon Juice?

Everyone, including children and the elderly! Just about everyone will glean health benefits from drinking fresh-squeezed lemon juice daily!

The only people who should not drink lemon juice would be people who have a rare allergy to lemons or those with active ulcers. However, drinking lemon juice can even help someone with stomach ulcers if taken under the proper supervision of a health and nutrition consultant.

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