Bottled Ozone Water - Is It Fake?

by Armukati

Question: How do we know if bottled water has really been ozonated or is it just fake?

Nancy's Response: As far as I am concerned, you never really know what you are getting with any type of bottled water. For example, many studies have proven that up to 40 percent of all bottled water is merely re-processed tap water!

So how do you know if bottled ozone water is real or fake? I do not know how you could find that out unless there was some way you could actually test it.

I know that with ionized water, the greatest benefits come from drinking the water fresh from the water ionizer. When ionized water is exposed to air, heat, and light, it starts to lose some of its beneficial properties.

I do not own an ozone generator, but I would suspect that the same is true for ozone water. The properties of ozone water are going to be much more effective when obtained fresh from the generator.

In addition, with bottled ozone water, you never really know how long it has been sitting in bottles through the treatment, bottling, transportation, and distribution process. Not to mention how long it sits on the store shelves.

Even if the water actually is ozonated before being bottled, I would seriously doubt that they could keep it stable for that long.

If I wanted to try ozone water, I would invest in a good quality ozone generator (such as the Nature Kleen Ozonator) or find someone who has one that would be willing to share the water with me to give it a try.

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