Best Whole House Water Filter
Under 300 Dollars
by Nancy Hearn, CNC

Crystal Quest whole house water filter

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The best whole house water filter under 300 dollars is designed for 1-2 people who live in a condo or small house with 1 or 2 bathrooms. 

The brand I am recommending is Crystal Quest because I am consistently impressed by their quality control, degree of filtration and certifications, many customizable options for all of their products, as well as their competitive prices.

In addition, of all the water filter companies I have worked with over the past 15 years, I have found Crystal Quest to have the best customer service for both sales and technical support.

Thus, the specific whole house water filter under 300 dollars that I recommend is the following:

Crystal Quest SMART Whole House Water Filter (CQE-WH-01104A)

With the SMART water filter cartridge, your water passes through a coconut shell granulated activated carbon (Arsenic Free GAC™). The GAC is an effective adsorbent universally known for removing an array or organic contaminants from drinking water.  It also removes bad taste and odors.

In addition, your water flows through an ion exchange resin which reduces heavy metals such as copper, lead, aluminum. It also reduces a certain degree of water hardness.

This filter also contains a media of a high-purity allow blend of copper and zinc for further removal of contaminants.

Ceramic and Tourmaline balls in the filter enhance your water and helps maintain a more alkaline pH (since most tap water is acidic).

The SMART filtration cartridges use multi-stages of filtration which provides for the removal of many types of contaminants with just this one cartridge.

This single-cartridge whole house water filter system for 1-2 people is less than $300.  

The water filter cartridges last for 12-18 months (depending on your usage) before needing to be replaced.  The cost of a replacement SMART cartridge is about $150.

Optional Whole House Water Filter Add-ons

For most people, the single SMART cartridge is more than sufficient. However, as I mentioned, Crystal Quest always provides multiple optional add-ons as needed.  All of the CQ filtration cartridges use the latest technologies in the water filtration industry.

Sediment Cartridge

For an extra $80 or so, you can add an additional cartridge to this product which is a premium sediment cartridge.  It removes sediment, sand, dirt and silt. Adding this cartridge will enable the SMART filter to work most effectively and most likely longer lasting.

Carbon Cartridge

Their premium carbon cartridge provides additional filtration of contaminants, specifically volatile organic chemicals (VOCs), as well as pesticides, insecticides, industrial solvents, and more.

If you decide to include all three cartridges, the system is still under $500. 

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