Best Filter to Remove Odor
in Our Water
by Anonymous
(Arizona, U.S.)

desertArizona desert

We've recently moved to Goodyear, AZ from California and find the water loaded with impurities. 

We've been told we're in a valley created by a volcano and the powers that be didn't drill wells quite deep enough to get to pure water, true or false.

We've installed a filtration system to cleanse the water and a reverse osmosis system to "purify" our drinking water. There's still an odor from the impurities, that is short lived daily, when first turning on faucets in the morning. Any remedy for this?


Hello, and thank you for your question.

Without a water quality report, it is hard to know what is causing the odor but I suspect it might be sulfur. I would recommend you first get a local water quality report so you know what you are dealing with. 

Find out if the annual water quality report for your local area is posted online at the EPA website. 

I am surprised that with the R.O. system and the filtration system, you still have an odor.

I can’t really offer any ideas without knowing for sure what is causing the odor.

Once you know what is in the water, then you can get specific filtration media for that contaminant.

I realize you already invested in drinking water system, but if you want to know, for future reference, Crystal Quest makes customer water filtration systems to remove just about any specific contaminant.

Also, it sounds like your filtration system and RO system is at the kitchen sink or some other sink?

If so, it might be necessary at some point to invest in a full house water filter system to remove the impurities at the point of entry into your house.

The pipes in the house might be harboring some type of contaminants. That way, by the time the water gets to the sinks, it should not have the odor.

I hope this helps you to find a solution.

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