Bacteria in pipes after whole house filtration

by ils
(chicago, il)

Would bacteria grow inside the pipes of the house after chlorine is removed with the whole house filtration system at the point of entry?

I knew the answer to this question, but I wanted to double check with the technicians at Crystal Quest before responding so I apologize for the delay. They confirmed what I've been told before. Here is their response:

"If the water in the home is being used regularly there is no need for concern. If you left the home unattended for several months with no water use then you may want to consider something through the home. Otherwise, you're fine."

However, if I was gone for several weeks (rather than "several months,") I would probably think about running water through all the faucets for 5-10 minutes bypassing the water filtration system (since most tap water is chlorinated). The chlorine will kill bacteria.

On the other hand, it also depends on what type of whole house system you have. Some whole house systems are better at removing bacteria than others. For example, if it has a UV component, then it will kill bacteria.

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