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Water Benefits Health - Benefits of Hydrogen Water
July 13, 2023

Water Benefits Health News, Issue #87

July 13, 2023

Hello Water Friend,

When I first learned about alkaline, ionized water over 15 years ago, the health benefits of drinking this water were attributed to its alkalizing and antioxidizing benefits in the body, as well as superior hydration.

Initially, we understood that the main antioxidizing benefits came from the negative oxidation reduction potential (-ORP) of ionized water. And that is still true to an extent.

However, we now know that the most significant anti-oxidizing benefits of ionized water are from molecular hydrogen.

Scientific interest in the health benefits of molecular hydrogen continue to expand each year. Thus, this water continues to hold my interest and our feature article is on the "Benefits of Hydrogen Water."

Unfortunately, molecular hydrogen molecules are not found in most natural sources of water or bottled water, but they are found in glacial melt water and also in some natural springs around the world.

In addition, water ionizers produce atomic hydrogen by way of electrolysis. These atoms then immediately react with other hydrogen atoms to form molecular hydrogen molecules (H2), which are stable and anti-oxidizing.

To your health!

Nancy Hearn, CNC

Feature Article

Benefits of Hydrogen Water

The benefits of hydrogen water have been published in over 1,000 peer-reviewed, scientific papers, including more than 40 human studies.

These studies have demonstrated therapeutic benefits for over 150 disease models and for every organ system in the body.

A unique molecular molecule—Molecular Hydrogen (H2)—has been found in significant amounts in famous healing springs around the world, including Lourdes (France), Nadana (India), and Nordenau (Germany).

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Nancy Hearn is a certified health and nutrition consultant, hydration specialist, fitness advisor, and freelance web writer. She is the author of and has published numerous health articles and eBooks.

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