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by Anonymous
(Burbank, CA)

I live in Burbank, California, and the water is 14 grains hard. Do I need a softener? My skin itches all the time and our dishwasher is full of scale.

Does filtration reduce scale? Or, do I need a softener? Also, on the Rhino or Pelican water systems, are you drinking alkaline water?

For the most health benefits, dependability, consistency of water quality, what system would you recommend? Any help would be appreciated... Thanks.

WBH response: It sounds like you may need a water softener in addition to a water filter system. Water filter systems do reduce a certain amount of scale, but not enough in some areas of the country.

The Aquasana Rhino systems do produce water that has a higher pH (more alkaline) by removing chemicals and other contaminants that create the acidity. The remaining minerals in the water make it slightly alkaline or at least neutral pH (7.0), depending on mineral content of source water.

I am not sure about the Pelican systems because I don’t have firsthand information, but if they remove many contaminants without reducing mineral content, then the water produced should be more alkaline.

I am not sure if you are asking about a whole house water filter system or a drinking water system. However, the ideal situation is to have both a whole house (“point of entry”) AND a “point of use” drinking water filter system (such as under counter or countertop).

When water is filtered at the point of entry to the house (i.e., a whole house system), there is some risk of water contamination in the home water pipes (e.g., heavy metals and/or bacteria) from the point of entry to the faucets.

This is why I believe the most important type of filtration for drinking water is a point of use system (at the kitchen faucet). The under sink and countertop water systems have the highest levels of filtration.

Yet, the whole house filtration is excellent for all other water uses, including bathing, showering, laundering, as well as another level of filtration for the drinking water filter.

Thus, if someone cannot afford both the whole house and a drinking water system, I recommend getting a countertop or under sink filter for drinking and a bath and/or shower filter for bathing.

You can find recommendations for shower filters and bath ball filters on my site.

I believe the best drinking water systems (countertop or under sink) are the water ionizer systems manufactured by Enagic and AlkaViva. These systems offer high-quality filtration with the added properties of alkalinity, anti-oxidant potency, and super hydration.

However, if your main priority is clean, mineral rich water (without the additional properties of ionization) then either Aquasana or Crystal Quest have some of the best filter systems in my opinion.

As far as whole house filters, I still recommend the top 2 picks on my site, depending on your water source and size of house, number of people in household, and number of bathrooms.

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