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Water Benefits Health News -- Filtered Water vs Purified Water
May 08, 2013

Water Benefits Health News, Issue #17

May 8, 2013

Hello, Water Friend,

Like most people, I used the terms “water filtration” and “water purification” interchangeably for many years. However, in the water industry, there is a difference between filtered water and purified water -- and it is important to know what it is since we all drink water.

Water filters that use filtration methods such as adsorption, carbon, activated carbon, kinetic degradation fluxion (KDF), and particulate filtration produce filtered drinking water.

Water systems that use purification methods such as reverse osmosis (R.O.), distillation, ozone, and ultraviolet produce purified water.

For daily ongoing use, I recommended filtered drinking water over purified water, and there are many reasons for this recommendation.

One of the most important reasons is that numerous studies have shown that mineral-rich drinking water is the healthiest water for all living things. Both reverse osmosis water and distilled water are de-mineralized.

The second key reason is that I believe the best quality drinking water filters actually remove more contaminants than most water purifiers.

For example, even though the R.O. process does remove many contaminants, in most cases it does NOT remove volatile organic chemicals (VOCs), chlorine and chloramines, pharmaceuticals, and a host of other synthetic chemicals.

Both ozone and ultraviolet are not effective enough to be used alone. However, they are effective when used in conjunction with water filtration methods, such as with carbon block and KDF media.

One of the advantages of reverse osmosis is that it will remove fluoride, whereas most basic water filters do not. However, some water filter companies offer a pre-filter cartridge that will also remove fluoride but it is usually an add-on.

To learn more about the advantages and disadvantages of filtered drinking water and purified water, check out the articles below in this issue as well as our Water Filter Reviews and Recommendations.

To your health and wellness,

Nancy Hearn, CNC

P.S. If you currently own a reverse osmosis system or home distiller and you do not want to invest in a water filter system at this time, I encourage you replenish the minerals with a high-quality ionic mineral supplement or a natural sea salt that contains over 80 trace minerals, such as Himalayan crystal salt or Celtic sea salt..


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