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Water Benefits Health News -- Cheap Water Filters Under $40
February 06, 2018

Water Benefits Health News, Issue #47

February 6, 2018


You don’t have to spend a fortune to get clean, safe drinking water in your home or office.

There are many types of home water filters to choose from, and they range in price from about $20 to a few thousand dollars for large whole house systems.

Our feature article this month is on the “Best Cheap Water Filter Under $40.” The three types of filters that fit the criteria are faucet mount, dispenser, and pitcher.

The degree of water filtration you want is the main factor when considering the cost. But no matter what type of drinking water filter you choose, the investment in any type of drinking water system will save you a lot of money if you are currently buying bottled water.

Most of the inexpensive water filter systems we recommend will last at least 5 years. Figure out the cost of bottled water over 5 years and you will see what I mean. You can save hundreds of dollars.

If you want to know the health risks associated with common water contaminants, read more here.

To your health and prosperity,

Nancy Hearn, CNC

Feature Article

Best Cheap Water Filter Under $40

The best cheap water filter removes unhealthy water contaminants, is durable and easy to use, and costs $40 or less.

If you are reading this, you most likely want cleaner and better tasting water than what you are getting from your tap or well.

And if you’ve done any research, you know that just about any water filter system is going to be much cheaper (over the life of the system) than buying bottled water.

Not to mention the fact that nearly half of all bottled water is no better than tap water, and the environmental impact of plastic bottle waste is significant.

Read more here . . .

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