Best Portable Water Filter
for Home and Office Use

Big Berkey water filter dispenser

The best portable water filter for your home or office depends primarily on how you intend to use it, whether you have access to a tap or well water faucet, how much water you need to produce on a daily basis, how much you want to spend, and the degree of filtration or purification you want.

In general, all of the water filters we have recommended on our site under Drinking Water Filter Reviews are portable, with the exception of the under-sink filters. The under-sink water filters are plumbed in and are therefore not portable.

Faucet-Mount and Countertop Filters

The faucet-mount water filters and the countertop water filters are easily removed from the faucet attachment and can be transported and re-attached to another faucet. 

Our highest recommended faucet water filters

The counter-top water filter is the best portable water filter for home or office use, as long as you have access to a tap or well water faucet.  

Countertop and under-sink water filters have the highest degree of filtration capability of all the drinking water filters.

Our top picks for a countertop tap water filter

Thus, countertop filters are recommended for people who are renting, for example, and want to be able to take their water filter with them if they move to another house or apartment.

Pitchers and Dispensers

The water filter pitchers and dispensers are the most portable, are not attached to a faucet, and do not require the pressure of water flow. 

Water filter pitchers are lightweight and are the most inexpensive water filters. In addition for use in the home or office, they can also be used for traveling or camping.

The main drawback for water filter pitchers is that they do not provide the same degree of filtration or purification as the other drinking water filters we recommend. 

Our water filter pitcher reviews

The water filter dispensers also do not provide the same degree of filtration as the other countertop water systems--with the exception of the Berkey water filter dispensers.

The portable Berkey water dispensers have excellent filtration and purification media and technology. 

In fact, the Berkey systems exceed the degree of filtration that the faucet filters offer and are equal, or even better in some cases, to the best countertop water filter systems.

Berkey and other water filter dispenser reviews

The biggest advantage of the Berkey water systems is that you can use almost any natural water source (including non-potable water) and get purified water, without the use of water pressure, chemicals or electricity.

The Berkey filters are not only good for home and office use, but they offer people the reassurance of having purified water in times of natural disaster or any other situation where clean water is limited or unavailable.

We rate the Berkey water filter dispenser (6 different models) as the best portable water filter for home and office use, if you also want an emergency water source.

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