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Water Benefits Health News -- Water Scarcity and Ways to Conserve Water
October 23, 2014

Water Benefits Health News, Issue #28

October 22, 2014

Hello, Water Friend,

Freshwater scarcity is a serious crisis in developing and third-world countries, but developed countries are also beginning to experience the problem, especially in the western United States.

The good news is that there are simple ways we can all conserve water to minimize our water waste.

The articles in this issue barely scratch the surface of the freshwater scarcity problem and its solutions. However, I believe increased awareness and personal responsibility is a good place to start to effect change.

Our featured article World Water Scarcity shows a map of degrees of physical and economic water scarcity throughout the world.

You will also learn about freshwater scarcity in the western United States and 10 simple ways you can conserve water in your home.

If you are following our Healthy Eating Nutrition series, the third article in this series is Paleo Diet Benefits and Drawbacks.

To your health and wellness,

Nancy Hearn, CNC


World Water Scarcity – A Little Help Can Go a Long Way

The concept of world water scarcity is hard to imagine. Most developed countries take clean water for granted.

In the United States, we turn on the tap and rarely think about our drinking water source, its quality, or its reliability of access.

We assume there will always be more drinking water. However, our endless supply of water is drying up and this situation is affecting more people every day.

It seems strange to imagine, but water will soon become the most important resource in the world.

Even in places where we always expect there to be an abundance of water, such as California, there is a serious shortage developing.

Government officials have said that California is experiencing the worst drought in modern history. To combat this threat, they have begun damming local rivers (killing off nearby ecosystems in the process) to maintain the water levels that people are accustomed to.

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