Water Benefits Health News, Issue #7

February 20, 2012

Hello, Water Friend,

I am often asked, “What is the best water to drink?”

Most of us have heard so much conflicting information about the quality and benefits of different drinking waters over the years, it can be quite confusing. After many years of research ad personal experience with various waters, I think I have figured a few things out that might be helpful to you. Thus, this issue is dedicated to the Best Drinking Water.

First, I have to point out that the term “best drinking water” is relative worldwide. Municipal water in the U.S. is relatively safe to drink, even though it still contains numerous contaminants, including chlorine and chlorine by-products. Well water is not much better in many areas because of the contamination of groundwater.

But from the worldwide perspective of drinking water, one of my website visitors from Nigeria put it best. He wrote, “In the developing countries water borne diseases are serious threats. It is a matter of immediate health implication of unwholesome water to the long term effect of chlorine by products.” Obviously, that is so true.

If you want to drink the best water, the logical first step is to find out what is in your local water. You can check out a summary of what is in tap water and the types of contaminants you need to be aware of.

Then I encourage you to check out my article on The Best Drinking Water to understand the top six qualities of healthy drinking water and why I do not recommend de-mineralized water (distilled and reverse osmosis) for long-term daily use.

By the way, bottled water is definitely not a good option either – for a number of reasons. For more info, check out the article on bottled water in this issue.

To your health and wellness,

Nancy Hearn, CNC


Table of Contents

  • The Best Drinking Water – 6 Key Qualities for Optimal Health and Hydration
  • Filtered Drinking Water vs Purified Water (Reverse Osmosis and Distilled)
  • Water Filter Reviews and How to Choose a Water Filter
  • Bottled Drinking Water: Know What You’re Getting!


The Best Drinking Water – 6 Key Qualities for Optimal Health and Hydration

Many factors come into play when we think of choosing the best drinking water for ourselves and our families. Just a few of these factors include lifestyle, health objectives, finances, living accommodations, sports and fitness levels, and so forth.

After many years of research and personal experience with various drinking waters (including bottled waters, reverse osmosis, distilled, ionized, ozonated, and other specialty waters), I have discovered six key qualities of drinking water that are essential for optimal health and hydration.

Read more here . . .


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Filtered Drinking Water vs Purified Water (Reverse Osmosis and Distilled

Water Filter Reviews and How to Choose a Water Filter

Bottled Drinking Water: Know What You’re Getting!


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Nancy Hearn is a certified health and nutrition consultant, hydration specialist, fitness advisor, and freelance web writer. She is the author of WaterBenefitsHealth.com, 4TotalWellness.com, and AntiagingWisely.com and has published numerous health articles and eBooks.


P.S. I have many interests related to water and health that I could write about in this monthly newsletter. However, my primary purpose is to share relevant information about water and health that interest you, the reader.

So, if you have a specific question about water or health, please let me know what you want me to write about. Contact me anytime at nancy@waterbenefitshealth.com and mention the newsletter.

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