Whole house water system and water softener

by Anonymous

Hi, thank you so much for your help. Yes, you are right Crystal Quest site is overwhelming. I feel so confused by all the reading I've been doing. I think I know what I want, then read something else that changes my mind.

I watched Dr. Mercola's video and thought reverse osmosis was the way to go...but then read about waste water, and don't want that.

So then thought maybe it would be best to go with a regular filtration for whole house and reverse system only under the kitchen sink. But then I am not interested in drilling any extra holes in my counter or replacing the faucet I now have.

Then I watched this other video of a man who practically has a whole city system taking up his entire garage with a huge holding tank...Lordy...don't want that!

I would like a water softener, but had a salt one when I lived in Las Vegas and it was a pain and never felt right sitting outside and putting bags of salt into it.

I have a 2000 sq ft house with 2 bathrooms and 2 people. I would like not to have my water pressure affected. I want it to fit nicely against the wall in my garage, so I can still fit my car in. And I want it to get rid of any known crud that could hurt us in city water.

Both my daughter and I have sensitivities to "something" We also like the idea of acid reduction, as with all we read that is the root of much evil in the body.

Lastly, easy and reasonable cost replacement of filters is definitely a plus. Your help and direction of the system that is best for us is very much appreciated as we were ready to purchase a year ago, and are still perplexed.

We are so tired of lugging home those plastic bottles we know are terrible for the environment.


I agree with you about the amount of waste water with the RO systems, and I believe this will become even more of an issue in the years to come. I also do not think RO water is the healthiest water to drink long-term because it is demineralized.

You can read more here if interested: Drinking Demineralized Water: The Health Risks

From what you have told me, I would recommend Aquasana’s combination whole house water system with salt-free water softener

These systems do not take up as much space as other whole house systems, they provide high-quality filtration, they require no back-flushing, and the water softener is salt free (much healthier to drink). The filters last 6-10 years, depending on your usage and which one you purchase. You can read all the details and system options (including possible add-ons) by clicking on the link above.

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