Personal Knowledge of Breathing and Drinking Ozone

by Noah
(Phoenix, Az U.S.A)

Ozone is one of the best gases out there. It is versatile in killing all types of bacteria and is a resilient atom that is unstable, in a good way.

Ozone makes you tired or worn down when you first start drinking ozonated water, that is because your body is essentialy detoxifying or cleaning out the bad stuff.

Once you have no bacteria or viruses for it to attack, you will start feeling the benefits immediately.

Cleaner skin, better skin tone, thinking clearly and having more energy are just some of the benifits.

Try for yourself and experience the joys of Ozone. (I am the technician at a plant that fills water bottles for drinking, I deal with ozone and all aspects of it everyday.)

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$45 Ozone Generator

by Stan Plock
(San Jose, CA)

I had 2 ozone generators for my cat litter boxes. When I installed one above my bed, I fell asleep in 5-10 minutes instead of the usual 30-60 minutes.

So I got interested in making ozone water.

1. On Ebay, you can get an Ozone Generator for $20. Make sure you get the 110V model if you're in the U.S.)

Note: You'll have to add a 120V AC Plug, yourself. Or cut, strip, tape an extension cord. Use electrical tape to cover the metal tube also and keep from getting Hi Voltage shock.

2. Ebay has 2 - 12" ozone resistant tubing pieces and 2 stones for $8 total. Search "ozone tubing".

3. You'll need a $15 Aquarium Air Pump too.

The hardest part is adding the 120V Plug. You don't need to solder it. Just twist the wires together and wrap with electrical tape so they don't touch each other. Find someone who knows how to do that.

Best Wishes,
Stan Plock

Email: if any questions...

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