Lemon water at night

by Susan

Is it ok to drink lemon water at night. I wake 2 or 3 times most nights and have a few sips of water.

I take several medications in the morning and have to eat with them so couldn't wait 30 mins to eat as i also get out as quick as i can for work. I already rise at 5:30.


You can drink lemon water any time of day. If you are drinking it at night, you just want to start with a weak dilution of lemon juice in water so that it does not stimulate too much detox, which could possibly affect your sleep.

You can start with 1/4 fresh lemon in 8 ounces of water. See how it goes and you can gradually increase the amount of lemon juice in water.

The reason we recommend drinking lemon water 30 minutes before meals is that it will help with digestion. Thus, if you get home from work in time, you might want to drink the lemon water 30 min. before dinner rather than after dinner.

Drinking any type of water too close to bedtime will cause most people to have to get up during the night to use the bathroom . . .

-- Nancy Hearn

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