Lemon and Impotence

by Kenneth Ikpeme

Does lemon cause impotence in men or reduces libido?

WBH response: I am not aware of any reason why lemon would cause impotence in men or reduce libido. Thus, if anybody else reading this does have some information to share on this topic, we would love your input!

Just about any organically grown whole food (especially fruits and vegetables, seeds, and nuts) eaten in moderation is going to benefit most people in all aspects of health, including normal hormonal balance related to impotence and libido.

In the case of lemons, the only exceptions that I am aware of would be someone who has a citrus allergy or stomach ulcers.

I would also add that if someone has eaten a heavy diet (animal protein, dairy, processed foods, sugar) for many years and wants to start drinking lemon water, they should take it slow because lemon water is an effective blood and liver purifier.

Drinking too much lemon water (especially in a strong dilution) can create some uncomfortable detoxification symptoms, such as headaches, bowel changes, fatigue, and so forth.

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