Dehydration to blood and kidneys

by Tracey

About eight weeks ago I was beginning a new diet no sugar no carbs call shape reclaimed.

Right before I was ready to begin for some reason my blood and my kidneys were severely dehydrated.

I was told by my natural path to start taking Celtic sea salt and things will clear up. In fact they did within 10 days everything was clear I added about 3/4 of a teaspoon daily to my foods or my water...

Since then I lost 20 more pounds. I now weigh 150 and I started adding back a few sugars but still eating fruits and vegetables and good protein.

For some reason within a week and a half of doing that I became dehydrated again.. I still add salt to all my food, Celtic salt that is.

I am just wondering if you have any idea why I might be dehydrating again. I drink plenty of water maybe too much water.

Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated. .. I also am having an allergic reaction and have been which they thought was just a yeast infection under my arms but I believe it's due to wearing a Victoria's Secret bra that has formaldehyde in it and any other clothing that may have it in it.

I haven't went to my regular doctor for this since last August when they assumed it was just a yeast infection that actually just comes and goes. Confused and concerned thank you Tracey.

Right before this second dehydration happened I was stung by a yellow jacket and I am allergic to bees could this have been a reaction?


It's hard to tell what's going on without a complete health history. Allergic reactions can contribute to dehydration.

The water and salt balance is critical to body hydration. You can read more here: Water and Salt Balance

In addition, yeast infection is related to an acidic condition in the body. Pursuing adequate hydration with mineral-rich water can help to keep the body in its normal alkaline pH state.

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