Cancer gone

An elder in my church was diagnosed with cancer. I set up my old system (which was on a hot tub) at the edge of her kitchen, and had her drink at least 2 glasses of freshly ozonated water daily in hopes of slowing down the cancer.

3 weeks later, she told me at church that the doctor couldn't find any traces of the cancer.

I recommended that she keep drinking the O3 water to keep the cancer from coming back. She did NOT want a newer machine. (The improvised box for the old unit takes up about 2 square feet of counter space)

She said "That one got rid of my cancer, and that is the one I'm gonna keep using" However, she ordered over a dozen units over 2 years to distribute among her friends. Ozone appeared to work beyond my expectations.

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Research needed
by: Anonymous

I just read this page & was left wondering how you know it was the drinking water that cured her.

I suppose being a 'believer' allows you to believe anything is possible huh.. Well, I'm not, and I don't think your story had enough research put into it for you to be able to claim that your old water filter cured someones cancer.

Does it not feel immoral taking credit for things you don't actually know you had anything to do with?

Reply for JJ Dalton
by: Anonymous

JJ Dalton.. I hope you get this message.I want to tell you about the Budwig diet. Organic food and purified or ozonated water will heal your daughter. I think you should research the Budwig Diet for your daughter. It consist of a diet of only organic cottage cheese mixed with organic flax seed oil. It has been proven to cure cancer in just a few months,regardless of stage. If you have your daughter eat a totally organic diet she will beat the cancer. The bible says let your food be your medicine, and your medicine be your food. It's the toxins in the food and products we use that cause cancer. You have to stop letting your daughter eat inorganic food. I want your daughter to try this. I hope you get this. I'm so sorry for the tribulation you are facing but there is hope.

Cancer Treatment
by: Anonymous

You should research Dr Bob Beck for cancer treatment on your daughter. He speaks of a process which includes drinking ozonated water.

Praise God
by: jjdalton27

Do you know what stage and type of cancer she had? My daughter is battling stage IV brain cancer. She was given 3 years to live 9 years ago and we are exhausting our options on healing her. I have recently come across Ozone and purchased a small inexpensive generator (money is tight). Praying it works for her.

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