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Icebergs as a Fresh Water Source

Using icebergs as a fresh water source is not a new idea and is a feasible option but with many challenges.

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Health Benefits of Chlorophyll - 5 Key Properties

Health benefits of chlorophyll include its properties for detoxifying, deodorizing, antioxidizing and alkalizing, anti-inflammatory, and immune boosting.

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Hard Water Solutions for Your Home - 5 Simple Tips

Learn 5 simple hard water solutions for hard water stains and mineral buildup in your home.

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Salt-Free Water Softener - Benefits and Limitations

A salt-free water softener is effective at reducing scale, and the water is healthy to drink.

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Molecular Hydrogen in Water - What Is It and How to Get It

Molecular hydrogen is the topic of over 300 scientific studies and has proven to have therapeutic health benefits.

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Hard Water Filter - Best Options for Your Home

A hard water filter and water softener combination can help reduce many problems associated with hard water.

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Sun-Charged Water - Its Benefits and Uses

Making and using sun-charged water is easy and may provide many health benefits

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Water Stocks - Why Invest in Them?

Investing in water stocks is investing in the growing need for sustainable water infrastructure and fresh water solutions.

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Arsenic Water Filter - Why and When to Use One

An arsenic water filter can significantly reduce the health risks associated with extended exposure to arsenic in drinking water.

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ibiza, balearic islands

I live on Ibiza; there’s no drinkable water here. The local network Aqualia provides chlorine and contaminated water that is not drinkable. So everyone

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