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Avoid Dehydration During Pregnancy - 3 Simple Tips

Learn 3 simple tips to avoid dehydration during pregnancy.

Continue reading "Avoid Dehydration During Pregnancy - 3 Simple Tips"

Foods for Circulation of the Blood

The best foods for circulation of the blood are healthy fats and oils, vegetables, and berries. Water is also an essential nutrient.

Continue reading "Foods for Circulation of the Blood"

5 Ways to Improve Digestion - Immunity Begins in the GI Tract

Learn 5 simple ways to improve digestion, nutrient assimilation, and elimination and support immune function.

Continue reading "5 Ways to Improve Digestion - Immunity Begins in the GI Tract"

Vitamin C Bath Filtration - To Remove Chlorine and Chloramines

Vitamin C bath filtration is a highly effective way of removing chlorine and chloramines, and it is inexpensive.

Continue reading "Vitamin C Bath Filtration - To Remove Chlorine and Chloramines"

Dehydration Fatigue - What It Is and How to Prevent

Dehydration fatigue is a common symptom for many people, especially athletes, and it can be prevented.

Continue reading "Dehydration Fatigue - What It Is and How to Prevent"

Nutrition for Arthritis Relief - Water and a Plant-Based Diet

The best nutrition for arthritis relief is to drink enough water daily and to eat an abundance of plant-based foods.

Continue reading "Nutrition for Arthritis Relief - Water and a Plant-Based Diet"

Alternative Therapies Blood Pressure Normalization

Alternative therapies blood pressure normalization include hydration, diet, exercise, herbs and vitamin supplements

Continue reading "Alternative Therapies Blood Pressure Normalization"

Best Drinking Water: 5 Key Qualities for Optimal Health and Hydration

The best drinking water that promotes health has six qualities that are best obtained from a home water filtration system.

Continue reading "Best Drinking Water: 5 Key Qualities for Optimal Health and Hydration"

Perrier Mineral Water - Healthy or Unhealthy?

Perrier mineral water is a type of water that is sourced from a naturally carbonated spring in France.

Continue reading "Perrier Mineral Water - Healthy or Unhealthy?"

Water and Foods for Dry Eyes

The best foods for dry eyes include those that are rich in omega fatty acids and antioxidants. Drinking enough water daily is also important.

Continue reading "Water and Foods for Dry Eyes"

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"Lemon water is one drink both my wife and I can't drink. It upsets our stomachs. We are in our sixties and in very good healthwell, better health now that we drink about 2 liters plus of water each day. It has made so much difference to our digestive systems and recovery every day. Thank you for your website and effort." - Rod