My benefits from drinking ozonated water

by Dennis

I bought a medical ozone generator to treat myself post Non Hodgkins Lymphoma, and also for Hep C, which I have had for about 40 years asymptomatically.

Expensive machine, but money doesn't help when you are dead.

I feed the generator with pure oxygen from a concentrator, and ozonate water at the maximum concentration my machine will produce. That is 120 ug/ml.

I drink 1.5 liters per day. I felt a little sick after three days, and I put this down to detox effect.

Ongoing, I feel great and am sure it is beneficial. But the proof is in the pudding and I will know for sure after I get my next blood work done next week.

I also plan ozone saunas and cupping, which is applying ozone to the body externally via a glass cup.

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My first experience with ozone

by Jose F

Hi there, I'm Jose, from Spain.

I am a nurse of 38 years old who recently bought an ozonizer device.

My first feeling after running it for a few minutes was a bad sensation in terms of smell and slight headache.

So long, I wouldn't mean that it is harmful... I think that more time and experiments are needed.

But my first feeling has been rare, uncomfortable, and that's something. Infos I've read till now are contradictory.

Kind regards.

I just read a nice article from a reputed doctor about ozone.

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Drinking water with O3

by Adas

I dissolved some ozone in ice-cold water and drank it. There was so much, that bubbles appeared on my tongue. It was similar to when you drink soda, but it tasted different.

I believe that the ozone has been decomposed in less than 10 seconds, since there are many organic substances and relatively high temperature in the mouth. After drinking it, I feel tingling on my tongue and a cooling feeling in my gullet.

I have no idea if this could have any health benefits, but one thing is for sure, IT MAKES A PERFECT MOUTHWASH! :D

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