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Water Benefits Health News --Sunlight Nutrition and Biophotons in Food
June 10, 2020

Water Benefits Health News, Issue #72

June 10, 2020

Hello Water Friend,

During the summer months, to have the energy you need to do the things you want to do, the type of food you eat should depend on your body type, your climate, as well as your activity level.

Regardless of whether you are more active or less active this summer, it is important to remember that the key nutrients our bodies need come from the sun, air, water as well as live, fresh food.

It is especially important during hot weather to drink plenty of clean, filtered water to keep your body hydrated, to help metabolize food, and to flush out toxins.

The general guideline is to drink a minimum of 8 eight-ounce glasses a day OR half of your body weight in ounces.

In addition to water, another key aspect of nutrition is the light energy we absorb from the sun.

Thus, our feature article is about the Biological Benefits of Sunlight to Human Health.

For example, as you may know, one of the ways we can absorb the benefits of moderate sun exposure is through our skin, which is then converted to Vitamin D, an important immunity booster.

When we eat raw, fresh plant foods, the stored sun nutrients in these foods find their way into our cells in the form of minute particles of light called biophotons.

I encourage you to check out our newest article (listed below) about Biophotons in Food, which explains some of the highest food sources of biophotons and why they are important to human health.

To a happy and healthy summer!

Nancy Hearn, CNC

Feature Article

Sunlight Nutrition – Biological Benefits of Sunlight to Human Health

In the often confusing and overwhelming world of nutrition science, I like to remind myself of the simple fact that sunlight is our ultimate nutrient.

And it is highly unlikely that this fact will change anytime soon. I find this knowledge refreshing in contrast to the ever-changing array of health theories, diet programs, and nutrition supplements that become popular from time to time.

Sunlight nutrition is essential for human health. In fact, light is the essential element from which all life originates and is energized.

According to Nobel Prize Laureate Dr. Szent-Gyorgi, the essential life process is a “little electrical current sent to us by the sunshine.” Without that light current, there is no health.

We can absorb sunlight energy and utilize its nutrients in a number of ways, including eating raw, plant-based food; getting moderate sun exposure on our skin; walking barefoot on dirt or sand; and by drinking or using sun-charged water.

Read more here . . .

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Nancy Hearn is a certified health and nutrition consultant, hydration specialist, fitness advisor, and freelance web writer. She is the author of and has published numerous health articles and eBooks.

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