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Water Benefits Health News -- Natural Asthma Remedy and How Dairy Affects Respiratory Health
May 04, 2015

Water Benefits Health News, Issue #33

May 4, 2015


When I was a teenager living in Arizona, I struggled with asthma and had to stop doing what I loved most at the time, which was competitive distance running.

After high school, I moved to California for a few years and eventually found myself in Montana, where I lived for 30 years. During that time in California and Montana, I never had any symptoms of asthma.

However, since I moved back to Arizona a few years ago, the propensity for asthma is back. So there is definitely something in the air in this region that triggers excessive histamine response in my body.

I have had to really stay on top of my hydration levels and pursue natural respiratory support.

Thus, our feature article in this issue “Natural Asthma Remedy—The Water and Salt Solution” addresses what I have learned about the connection between hydration and asthma, but also applies to allergies and other respiratory conditions.

In addition to hydration, I believe the consumption of dairy products is another significant factor that affects respiratory health.

Professor Gary Null in his book Complete Encycopedia of Natural Healing writes, “In all respiratory conditions, mucous-forming dairy foods, such as milk and cheese, can exacerbate clogging of the lungs and should be avoided.”

In addition to the fact that dairy foods increase mucous production in the body, dairy is also one of the two or three most common food allergens in the American diet, according to allergy specialist Dr. James Braly in Alternative Cures.

However, the reasons to avoid dairy are not just related to asthma and allergies. Many people have health issues associated with lactose intolerance and don't realize it.

In addition, reputable studies have shown the connection between dairy consumption and higher risk of bone fractures, heart disease, diabetes, as well as cancer.

I hope you will check out the 8th article in our Healthy Eating Nutrition series “Dairy Free Diet—5 Key Reasons to Avoid Dairy Foods” and consider trying our 30-day challenge on a dairy-free diet.

To your health and wellness,

Nancy Hearn, CNC


Feature Article:

Natural Asthma Remedy—The Water and Salt Solution

The most natural asthma remedy involves drinking enough water to fully hydrate your body and adding a natural, unrefined salt to your diet.

This may not sound plausible to some people, but I know from personal experience and the testimonies of many others that it does work.

I had asthma as a teenager and have had a propensity toward asthma ever since. Even now, whenever I neglect to drink enough water, I experience shortness of breath and I am reminded to start drinking more water.

If you are looking for an inexpensive, natural asthma remedy that may help prevent or manage your asthma condition for the long-term, you might want to consider this potential solution.

Read more here . . .


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