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Water Benefits Health News -- Best Drinking Water Filter - Year End Discounts
November 25, 2019

Water Benefits Health News, Issue #67

November 25, 2019

Hello Water Friend,

One of the most frequent questions I get asked is “What is the best water filter to buy?”

The answer is complex and there is no “one-size-fits-all” water filter for everyone because it depends on your individual needs, your living situation, your budget, and what you are looking for.

In other words, if you are looking for a water system that filters/purifiers the water throughout your entire house, then you will need a whole-house water-filter system (also called a point-of-entry system).

If you are looking primarily for clean drinking water, then any of the water filter systems that are installed at a sink (a point-of-use system) will suffice.

And of course, it also depends on how much you are willing to invest. The more stages of filtration the system has, the more effective will be the degree of filtration.

In the health store where I work, many people come in asking for the “best” vitamin supplement, such as vitamin D3, but when I show them the best brand, the response is more often than not, “I don’t want to pay that much.” So, I chuckle to myself wondering why they asked for the “best” and kindly show them other options.

I find this response is true for water filter systems. It depends on how much you are willing to spend and how important the degree of filtration is to you.

The bottom line is that any degree of water filtration is better than none!

We simply cannot count on bottled drinking water because studies have proven that nearly 40% of all bottled water is just reprocessed tap water with chlorine added for disinfection.

Not to mention the fact that when we buy bottled water, we are contributing to the serious plastic pollution problem. (Eight million tons of plastic are dumped into our oceans every year.) More on this in our next newsletter.

Our feature article in this issue is about our recommendations for the “Best Drinking Water Filters.”

The main reason I am bringing this to your attention at this time is because many of the water filtration companies offer their best discounts for all types of water systems during the month of December.

Thus, if you have considered purchasing a drinking-water system or need an upgrade, you might want to check these out.

If you want a system that filters water throughout your entire home, you can also check out our “Whole House Water Filter Reviews and Recommendations” below.

To your health and hydration!

Nancy Hearn, CNC

Feature Article

The Best Drinking Water Filter

People often ask me, “What is the best drinking water filter?”

And my response is that it depends on your situation, such as where you live, whether your source water is tap water or well water, whether you rent or own, and how much you are willing to invest.

There are several types of drinking water filters to consider, including under sink water filters, counter top water filters, faucet water filters, as well as water filter pitchers and dispensers.

Thus, I will highlight our top recommended drinking water filter in each category.

Read more here . . .

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Nancy Hearn is a certified health and nutrition consultant, hydration specialist, fitness advisor, and freelance web writer. She is the author of and has published numerous health articles and eBooks.

P.S. If you have a specific question about water or water filters, please submit it on our Contact page.

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