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Water Benefits Health News -- The Best Drinking Water Filter
April 05, 2016

Water Benefits Health News, Issue #39

April 5, 2016


The United States has one of the safest water supplies in the world, for which I am grateful.

However, that doesn’t mean that tap or well water in the U.S. is safe or healthy to drink. It is virtually impossible to know what is in tap water at any given time because municipal water quality as well as private well water varies from place to place, season to season, and house to house.

According to the Environmental Protection Agency, tap water “can reasonably be expected to contain at least small amounts of some contaminants.”

Municipal water treatment systems simply cannot deal with all of the contaminants, and many contaminants are not even being tested for.

Just a few of the most common contaminants found in treated tap water include the following:

Toxic heavy metals such as lead, mercury, copper, cadmium, aluminum

Volatile organic chemicals (VOCs) such as pesticides and herbicides, pharmaceuticals, chemicals from irresponsible manufacturers, as well as thousands of untested chemicals in our personal care and household cleaning products

Water treatment additives such as chlorine, fluoride, and other toxic chemicals

Bacteria and viruses such as giardia, cryptosporidium, coliform and E-coli

Even though well water does not contain the chemical additives that tap water has, well water can have its own issues, especially since the groundwater is continually changing.

Regardless of one's water source, we believe it is imperative for health-conscious people to invest in a home drinking water filter.

Our feature article in this issue covers our recommendations for the “Best Drinking Water Filter” based on your individual needs.

To your health and wellness,

Nancy Hearn, CNC


Best Drinking Water Filter

People often ask me, “What is the best drinking water filter?”

And my response is that it depends on your situation, such as where you live, whether your source water is tap water or well water, whether you rent or own, and how much you are willing to invest.

There are several types of drinking water filters to consider, including under sink water filters, counter top water filters, faucet water filters, as well as water filter pitchers and dispensers.

So I will highlight our top recommended drinking water filter in each category.

Read more here . . .


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Nancy Hearn is a certified health and nutrition consultant, hydration specialist, fitness advisor, and freelance web writer. She is the author of and has published numerous health articles and eBooks.


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