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Water Benefits Health News -- Fight Coronavirus - Top 5 Daily Health Tips and How to Minimize Stress
April 06, 2020

Water Benefits Health News, Issue #70

April 6, 2020

Hello Water Friend,

I am sure everyone is well aware of the CDC's guidelines for preventing the spread and contraction of coronavirus.

The purpose of this newsletter is not to repeat the CDC guidelines but to share what we believe are the most essential 5 daily health tips to boost immunity.

Since the virus is highly contagious, we obviously want to give our bodies the best possible chance of fighting the virus if we are exposed.

In addition, we have included in our feature article “Fight Coronavirus . . . “ the most essential nutritional supplements to take that have been proven to either significantly boost immunity and prevent disease or they are strong antivirals.

One other key factor that I did not even mention in our feature article is the impact of stress we are experiencing from all aspects of this pandemic——from illness to social isolation to unemployment, to loss of loved ones, as well as all the unknowns.

Since stress is the most significant contributor to any disease and a weakened immune system, I just want to offer a few simple reminders here about how to minimize stress in your daily life during this pandemic crisis:

1. Stay hydrated! Since water is involved in every single function of the body, becoming even slightly dehydrated is a major stressor.

2. Exercise moderately. You don’t have to do an hour-long session to get benefits. Even a 15- to 30-minute walk can make all the difference.

3. De-stress through breathing. The most effective breathing exercise to minimize stress in the mind and body is this: (1) Close your mouth and breathe in through your nose naturally. (2) Hold your breath for 4 counts. (3) Breathe out through your nose naturally.

Do this for as many breaths as you want, multiple times a day. Most people don’t know that holding one's breath is one of the most effective breathing techniques for oxygenating the body.

4. Control your own environment. If watching the Covid-19 news makes you anxious, turn it off. Just read or watch enough to keep you fully informed. Also discuss all the CDC guidelines about social distancing, hand washing, disinfecting, masks, etc., with family members or anyone you have contact with to make sure you are all on the same page.

5. Stay focused on the big picture. It is so easy to let everything related to the virus completely absorb all of our thoughts and conversations these days. Without minimizing the seriousness of it, I try to stay focused on the big picture——before and after coronavirus——as well as what is still good in my life right now (especially relationships). We can still choose to love and be grateful to be alive.

Sending best wishes of health and well being to you and your loved ones!

Nancy Hearn, CNC

Feature Article

Fight Coronavirus – Our Top 5 Daily Health Tips

In addition to the CDC guidelines to fight coronavirus (such as washing our hands often and avoiding close contact with others), there are a number of things we can do to boost immunity and potentially help prevent serious illness.

You can fight coronavirus by following our top 5 health tips for boosting overall health and immunity and providing anti-viral support.

Read more here . . .

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Nancy Hearn is a certified health and nutrition consultant, hydration specialist, fitness advisor, and freelance web writer. She is the author of and has published numerous health articles and eBooks.

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