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Crystal Quest water pitcherCrystal Quest water filter pitcher

A water filter pitcher is a convenient and relatively inexpensive home appliance that provides clean drinking water.

Investing in a water filter pitcher is a good place to start with drinking water filtration.  In general, filter pitchers do not filter as well as the faucet mounted filters, countertop filters, and under sink water filters.

Using a water filter pitcher with tap or well water is a step up from using no drinking water filtration. And, in our estimation, using a water filter pitcher is better for your health and for the environment than drinking bottled water.

Water filter pitchers usually provide 8 to 12 cups of water. Anything larger is considered a water filter dispenser.

Prices for water filter pitchers range anywhere from about $20 to $150, depending on the degree of filtration.

Advantages of a Water Filter Pitcher

  • Moderate levels of filtration
  • Least expensive of all the water filter appliances
  • Is portable and ideal for traveling, camping, boating, and RV use
  • No installation required and is easy to use
  • Drinking water can be kept cold by storing in a refrigerator

Disadvantages of a Water Filter Pitcher

  • Even the best pitchers do not filter quite as well as a quality counter top or under sink system.
  • Filtration process is relatively slow. Water is poured into a top tank, filters through the media into the storage tank below. This can take 10 minutes or more. Note: the Aquasana electrically powered water filter pitcher is the exception. It filters water fast.
  • Takes up space in the refrigerator

Our Top 3 Picks

Our research reveals that most people choose a water filter pitcher if they want clean drinking water at home and don’t want to spend more than about $60.

There are a few high-quality water filter pitchers that do filter better than most, but they can cost as much as $150.

All of the water filter pitchers we recommend are BPA-free and are either NSF certified or are at least tested against NSF/ANSI standards and have excellent customer reviews.

You can certainly find water pitchers for less than $30 but they usually are not BPA-free (to prevent leakage of unhealthy chemicals from the plastic into the water) and do not reduce many contaminants.

Current retail prices are listed, but our online discounts are often $5 to $20 off!

Aquasana Powered Water Pitcher

The Aquasana powered water pitcher is truly unique in the water filtration pitcher category! Unlike other water pitchers, it filters water fast—literally, within seconds.

The filtration quality of this pitcher is also much higher than any other pitcher.  It is the only pitcher on the market than removes 96% of chlorine and chloramines!

In addition, independent tests have proven this filtration system also reduces (1) heavy metals like mercury and lead (2) chlorine resistant cysts like cryptosporidium and giardia, as well as (3) organic chemicals like pesticides, herbicides and Volatile Organic Chemicals (VOC's).

The water pitcher base sits on the counter top and is plugged into an electrical outlet. The system comes with either an 8-cup pitcher or a 16-cup dispenser. Both Retail at:  $129

This water pitcher system comes in either white or black with an added bonus of 2 FREE glass water bottles.

Aquasana Powered Water Pitcher/Dispenser

Crystal Quest Water Pitcher

The Crystal Quest pitcher has one of the best filtration media (4 stages of filtration) on the market, especially for the low price! 

crystal quest water pitcher

Its NSF certified Eagle Redox Alloy media reduce many contaminants, iron, mercury, chromium, lead, copper, nickel, hydrogen sulfide, and inhibits bacterial growth, algae, fungus, and other organisms.

This is very important since bacterial growth is a common problem with many other water pitchers.

The pitcher's granulated active carbon media reduces chlorine, pesticides and cancer-causing chemicals, such as TTHMs, toxaphene, and benzene.

These pitchers are BPA-free, hold 8 to 12 cups of water, and have a slim shape that fits easily in most refrigerators. The pitchers also provide 2,000 gallons of quality drinking water. Retail: $35

Crystal Quest Water Pitcher

MAVEA Water Filter Pitchers

These water pitchers are German-made and uses advanced filtration technology.

Mavea water pitcher

They are internally tested against NSF/ANSI standards 42 and 53 for reduction of heavy metals (mercury and copper), chlorine, water hardness, as well as some agricultural and industrial pollutants (suh as herbicides and gasoline additive benzene).

This pitcher softens the water without removing a balance of minerals, such as calcium, magnesium, potassium, for optimal hydration.

Two unique elements with this pitcher is that (1) it filters faster than most pitchers and does not require pre-soaking to activate filters, (2) it contains silver to reduce microbial growh and extend filter life.

The pitchers are BPA-free, come in a variety of colors, and hold 9 cups of water. Retail: $35 plus free shipping at Amazon.com

MAVEA Water Pitcher

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