Warm lemon water causes nausea

by Sue Hopwood
(New Zealand)

I sometimes feel nauseated and slight discomfort when I drink my half squeezed lemon in warm water upon waking.

I generally follow this with a cup of tea within the next 5 minutes. Is this ok to still reap the benefits of the lemon on my digestive tract and liver?

Am I possibly having too much lemon? And not diluting enough or could it be I have stomach ulcer?

I have a very nutritious low-carb, high-protein diet and I am extremely active. I am female 46 yrs.


It is hard to say what is causing the nausea and discomfort. It could be any number of reasons, including what you eat or drink in the evening.

You might want to experiment with using less lemon juice in water, as you suggested. For example, use 1/4 lemon in 8 to 12 ounces of water.

If this still causes discomfort, I would suggest you try a different time of day, not first thing in the morning. Either after breakfast, mid-afternoon or evening, whatever works with your schedule.

Or try having the tea first thing followed by the lemon water. I am not aware of any type of tea that would diminish the benefits of the lemon water.

Nancy Hearn, CNC

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Feb 24, 2017
I thought it was just me
by: Anonymous

I sooo wanted to be able to drink warm lemon water upon waking but I've tried it several times and each time I get sooo nauseated. I dont think it's an acidic thing either because I can drink black coffee and lots of it, on an empty stomach w/no problems. But tea or lemon water, and forget it, I get soo sick. Cant figure out why.

Jan 24, 2017
I agree
by: Anonymous

Amazed to see how many others have experienced nausea with lemon juice too! I thought it is just me

Oct 04, 2016
Lemon water
by: Anonymous

I've been trying to increase my daily water intake so I decided to add lemon to my water throughout the day. However, it wasn't until the following morning that I woke up feeling extremely nauseous and unwell. Could this have been the affects of lemon water?


It could be because lemon in water increases detoxification in the body. Nausea could be a symptom of detoxification.

If you were drinking lemon water throughout the day, it might have been too much for your body. You have to build up slowly. I always recommend starting with just 1/2 lemon in water once a day. After a few days, if no nausea, you could increase it to twice a day, and so forth.

Sep 08, 2016
Lemon and nausea
by: Anonymous

I just tried lemon and water yesterday and felt nausea and stomach pain. I thought that was strange but after 15 mins or so it passed, so I had another drink to see if same reaction and it was.

This morning I had a cup of tea, then thought what about my hot water and lemon, drank it, delicious, then extreme nausea and stomach pains, then I threw up 3 times.

Won't be doing that anymore. 2 years ago I used to drink lemon juice straight, loved it no reaction. My doctor who I was seeing today can't explain my reaction to it.

May 19, 2016
It's acid reflux
by: Anonymous

I've always had acid reflux growing up. Lemon is acidic but it's alkaline after it gets into your body. But the acidic level of lemon makes your stomach upset if you aren't full or at least ate something before hand.

In fact, science has shown that there's actually no way that lemon water turns your body more alkaline because there's been zero research studies indicating that acidic foods can turn your body more alkaline.

There are other health benefits for drinking lemon water (vitamin c, some cleansing properties) but if you have a sensitive stomach, STOP drinking acidic liquids (orange, lemon, coffee) on an empty stomach, you could create serious damage to yourself.

Apr 09, 2016
Same problem but worse
by: Sara

I was searching for an explanation for what I'm feeling after my morning warm water with half a lemon. That's how I found your website and -amazingly- this post could be mine exactly.

Same age 46 with same symptoms of nausea, which stop after one day without my usual morning lemon water.

To describe my case, I started drinking lemon water at the end of 2014. By January 2015 I had horrible abdominal pain and vomiting, was hospitalized for 10 days.

Doctors ran all the tests without finding any reason -- blood, Ct scan, endoscopy, x rays (normal, with barium), ultrasound.

Of course, I stopped my daily routine during and afterwards for a long time because I was afraid it was the reason. When I returned to it recently, I started noticing the associated symptoms.

The symptoms start with nausea, then develop into bloating. Now after 2 days of stopping the lemon water drink, I'm perfectly fine.

Feb 26, 2016
Cold lemon water causes nausea
by: Anonymous

I am drinking the lemon water cold and sometimes I feel nausea and sometimes I don't. I did however realize that I made the pitcher of water 3 days ago and it was the 3rd day I felt sick and the water was yellow.

Dec 13, 2015
The same
by: Anonymous

I tried three times and I've always felt sick. Today was particularly bad and I vomited so I have no doubt now it does not work for me. I do not even want to try with less lemon juice. I am done.

Jun 08, 2015
Tea and coffee reduces lemon effects
by: Anonymous

I have read several articles that says one should not have tea or coffee of any kind within 20-30 minutes of the warm lemon water because the combination reduces the effects of the lemon.

Apr 21, 2015
Feel nausea after drink warm lemon water
by: Anonymous

I just tried this warm lemon water today and I feel the same as you. Nausea and discomfort. I might try again tomorrow with less lemon juice. Does it work for you?

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