Ozonated Water in Europe - Weight Gain and Joint Problems

by Michael
(Warsaw, Poland)

I have been living in a place were the water is ozonated. The benefits: kills bacteria nearly in 100% less infection but the overall side effects after 10 years: weight gain, tiredness, joint problems.

Such a water does not exist in nature and should only be used for rinsing. Avoid drinking it. It will make you artificially hungry. It acts like aspirin.

Taking a bath in ozonated water will make you feel tired. It increases the skin friction, making skin rough. If you put fish into it,they simply do not make it without bacterial supplements.

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May 30, 2016
Apples & Oranges
by: Mike

Municipal ozone water treatment/purification, as you are referring to, is not the same as ozonated water that is produced in the home and consumed immediately. Like comparing apples & oranges.

I too have city water that has been treated with ozone, but contains no ozone at the tap. It also does not contain chlorine, which is a major advantage of ozone purification.

As far as your physical health issues after drinking your city's ozone treated water for 10 years, it's not likely that the water is to blame. It is much more likely that father time has been working on you.

Look into your diet, exercise and sleep habits for answers to your health problems.

Jan 24, 2016
All nice BUT?
by: Anonymous

All am reading are opinions: give me some scientific papers about research on ozone therapies and their conclusion. That's what I go by; not some pseudoscience on one's own observation or belief 😎

Nov 18, 2015
Ozone for PH and Sanitation
by: Jerome C

Because my well water is hard and mineral laden, I run it through a Reverse Osmosis filter. But before it gets to the RO filter it passes through a softener. I do not have an iron problem.

I mix a small amount of soft water into the RO in order to bring it up to 50 PPM for a great taste, but the water is a bit acidic (very bad for any metal in the piping system)

I then use a large aquarium air pump into two large air stones, one with an ozonater, once used for an aquarium. The air and ozonator brings the PH up to 7.0, the water tastes great and it is clean.

This all happens in my 1000 galllon holding tank before it gets pressurized into the house. I must vent the water treatment house before working inside due to the high ozone levels. I may elect to computer control the ozonator in the future for fun.

Nov 18, 2015
Aquariums and ozonators
by: Anonymous

We use ozonators for fish aquariums. Sold regularly for cleaner water but it is controlled in PPM by a computer.

Nov 12, 2015
Ozone doesn't stay in drinking water long
by: Anonymous

Ozone only stays in your water about 20 mins after ozonation, so the people in Europe couldn't be having issues from the ozone.

Oct 20, 2015
Ozone works
by: Anonymous

Look up ozone therapy. The elite know all about it. It cures the big E AKA Everything cancer, HIV. It's been covered up.

I was once doing AC work with my father in some wealthy folks new house. On about day three of the job we were expected to finish the day before but we still hadn't finished.

That's when they brought in a strange little machine. My father asked his good friend who was also our supervisor what it was and he said it's na ozone machine but you're not supposed to know that.

Then he asked "Why is it here and what does it do?" Well, he had known the owners somewhat cause the owner had let him know his wife is sick and when you have money, there are ways to fix sick that others don't know about and that little machine is one of them.

And I never forgot that day my father asked him, "How sick is she?" And he said one word CANCER. My father replied with tension in his voice, "Will it cure her?" The owner said they put the ozone in her blood as well.

I'm 42 and only about a year ago did I accidentally come across ozone therapy. LOOK IT UP GUYS. It's REALLLLL. You want to drink pure H2O with the right alkalinity. Look up Dr Robert Rowen Ozone therapy on youtube.

Apr 07, 2015
Ozonated water for fish
by: Wes

I have found that ozonating my aquariums keeps them nice and clean. I have had fish on the verge of death. I put them in a glass pitcher and ozonated the water with the fish in it. 90% of the time they turn around and become healthy again.

I have also been using ozone oil on my knees for pain. It seems to be helping a lot.
I drink a big glass of ozone water every morning and it gives me tons of energy.

Honestly I don't think there is any ozone left in the water by the time it reaches your tap.

Jan 03, 2015
O3 in nature
by: Anonymous

But such water IS created by NATURE. The way in which machines attempt to create ozone in water is a similar process to how nature rebalances the atmosphere through negative and positive charges i.e. through lightning. When lightning strikes the surface of water, O3 is vastly distributed for miles. After a lightning strike, go outside and smell how nature has provided a clean, fresh environment!

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