Chloramine Removal
with a Whole House Water System

by Anonymous

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I did not see in any of the reviews of filter systems, the chloramine removal, which is now used instead of chlorine in our municipal water.  Filters that remove chlorine do not necessarily remove chloramine. 

I am in search of a whole house filter system that will remove chloramine as it is as important to remove it from shower water as drinking water.


Thank you for your question as I have wanted to address chloramines. 

You are right, filtration media that removes chlorine does not necessarily remove chloramine.

It is one of those contaminants that is not easily removed.

However, the media that is effective at chloramine removal is called catalytic GAC (coconut shell carbon).

The water filter company I can recommend that can provide this filtration media in their whole house filters is Crystal Quest. However, you will have to specifically ask for this media to be added to your system when you are ordering. 

The whole house filter systems the Crystal Quest tech specialist has recommended to me for chloramine removal are Models CQE-WH-01109, CQE-WH-01113, CQE-WH-01114, CQE-WH-01115.

Which one you use really depends on the size of your house, number of bathrooms and how many people are in your family. The flow rate is also important.

If you are 1-2 people in a 1 or 2 bath house, the CQE-WH-01109 may be adequate. This model has a flow rate of about 6-8 gallons per minute. This one is currently on sale for $599.

You can see CQE-WH-01109 on this page. (Note: You have to scroll down the page to find it.)

If you have a larger family, then they recommend the bigger whole house systems with a higher flow rate (9-13 gallons per minute).

These are multi-stage whole house systems providing 500,000 or 750,000 or 1,000,000 gallons with an automatic microprocessor back washing system. They currently range in price from $995 to $1395. 

You can review Models CQE-WH-01113, CQE-WH-01114, CQE-WH-01115 here. You will have to scroll toward the bottom of the page and look for these.

I highly recommend he automatic back washing system rather than the manual back wash.

IMPORTANT:  If you decide to purchase one of these systems, be sure to write in the comments section as you are checking out to “Please manufacture my whole house system with Catalytic GAC to remove chloramines.”

P.S.  I am sorry that the Crystal Quest website is not more user friendly!! They say they are working on improving it.  

I still refer people to this site, however, because their water filtration systems are excellent and they have the capability to customize any water filter system to meet specific filtration needs, such as for chloramine removal.

P.S.S.  If you decide to order by phone instead of online, please let Crystal Quest know I referred you to them so that they will give you my online discount and also compensate me for taking the time to research and write. Thank you!

Nancy Hearn

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