Best Shower Filter for Copper and Chlorine

by Heather
(Gastonia, NC)

Thank you for this site! I am recently aware of the adverse effects of copper in my chronic health issues and am wanting to filter my water accordingly. We have copper pipes in the house. What is your recommended filter for shower and bath? Thank you,


The best shower filter I have found to reduce both chlorine and heavy metals, such as copper, is the Aquasana shower filter reviewed on this page of my site: Shower Filter Reviews and Recommendations.

The Culligan shower filter (reviewed on same page) actually reduces more chlorine than the Aquasana one, certified up to 99%, BUT it does not have the filtration media to remove copper.

So, based on my reviews of shower filters up to this point, I would recommend the Aquasana model for your situation.

Crystal Quest has the best bath ball filter that I have found, and it will also filter both chlorine and copper to some degree. You can see the review on this page: Bath Water Filter Reviews and Recommendations

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